Uncovering future energy solutions
A multiyear challenge on transportable storage

Transportable Energy

Our current energy challenges relate to transportable energy storage. Transportable system can range in size from mobile phone batteries to systems that fit in 60 foot containers. They just have to be movable.

Why concentrate on transportable energy storage?
•   Real world situations, not academic experiments

Why a set of multiple related Challenges?
•   Full range of different technologies
•   Each challenge separate from the previous challenge
•   Shorten the current 8-15 year process of bringing research ideas into commercial product     into a 3-5 year competition based model

Gerry Woolf, Editor, BEST Mag
Good technology needs honouring. We've had the X prize for space and for automotive - the millennium technology prize. Now comes the Energy Storage Challenge - a three year programme with a top prize of US$5million to develop a new energy storage technology.
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